Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The list

I'm sure Patti will add to the list when she goes through our house Thursday night, but here it is so far.

Living Room

- Put up the new blinds in the living room (done)
- Cut the blinds down to the correct height (done)
- Buy paint for front door (done)
- Paint the front door (done)
- Clean rug
- Clean sofa (done)

- Cut the blinds down to the correct height (done)
- Replace tile by the dishwasher

- Buy paint for bathroom tile (done)
- Paint the bathroom tile (done)
- Get sticker off bathroom light (done)

- Clean off desk (done)
- Remove paint tape from office ceiling fan (done)
- Clean rug

- Organize closet (done)

- Attempt to clean the 2 stains on the guest bedroom carpet

- Paint the door doing into the garage
- Clean the garage (done)

- Finish the windows (glaze needs to dry until Friday)
- Paint the shutters
- Trim bushes in the front

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