Thursday, June 11, 2009

The New Game Plan

I'm sure tonight there will be another new plan in oh, 10 minutes, but as of right now – this is the plan:

Brent and I are going to have Patti sell our house, and then we are going to go after the other house without an agent. While this isn't ideal, since that house is For Sale By Owner, we'd have to pay another 6% on that house, and I'm just not in the mood to spend $26,000 on agent fees. Even if the seller agreed to pay half of her fee, we'd still owe $18,000 – no thank you.

Thankfully, Patti was one of my best friend in high school's moms, so she adores me and is willing to help us write up a contract for dream house either way.

We are getting together tonight to discuss our house and dream house. Tonight we find out how much Patti thinks we should list our house for – so I need big-bucks vibes.

As for dream house, I'm fine with paying full price, as long as they pay closing costs and we get to keep the kitchen appliances – stainless steel, yes please. :)

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