Saturday, August 6, 2011

What HAS to get done before February

My 2011 goal list is about to get, well, altered. The deadline is now February, and the priorities are changing.

The obvious one:
- The nursery (Most of this adventure won't be until after we find out the gender in late September, but I'm slowly establishing a game plan. Since Brent and I prepared last year with buying an Expedit bookcase and dresser/changing table – we are making progress).

Not as obvious:
- The master closet (My biggest issue with our house is the lack of walk-in-closets. That's right, we have zero. So Brent and I share the master closet, and I've been using the closet in the future nursery for my dresses, shoes and purses. While I know I'll be losing considerable amounts of space – hopefully, Brent can build some sort of organizational system for the tiny closet).

- The man cave (We spend a lot of time down there, and I can only imagine that increasing once February rolls around). The list:
- Finish painting
- Get a mini-fridge for the wet bar
- Track lighting for above the bar
- Shelving for behind the sofa
- Wall art

Because I feel like it:
- Frame bathroom mirrors (The master and hall bath have the standard, build-grade mirrors in them. I'd like to give them a custom look with a frame job (couldn't help myself)).

- Entryway (Install molding below the chair rail).

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