Monday, July 11, 2011

The great rug debate

I need a new rug for the family room. And yes, need is actually the correct word.

The shag rug is probably a health hazard. The shag is a little too perfect at hiding messes, so it's time to move on.

Here's my family room...

And here's the 3 rugs I'm eying...

Ikea's Stockholm's rug ($199):

Alexa Chevrom Vibe Zebra rug ($79.99):

Hand-tufted Black Houndstooth rug ($138.99):

Opinions? I think I'm leaning toward the chevron print, and yes, the price may have something to do with that.


  1. At that price, I would for sure go for the chevron. The colors are the same so I think it will add even more interest to the other graphic patterns you have.

  2. I like the chevron, I feel like the others match your pillows a little too much. And the price? Totally worth it.

  3. I have the Ikea rug. I love it every bit as much as the day I brought it home! It's fantastic, and amenable to cleaning products (which is good, since we have a dog).
    I just realized though, that you also have that same houndstooth blanket from Kohls... So if you get the Ikea rug, we'll be living room twins!

  4. I vote chevron - you've already got stripes & houndstooth on the pillows, so it'll bring a different pattern into the room!

  5. Another vote for the chevron! But I am also found of the IKEA one as we have it in our kitchen and I love how it looks. And for how surprisingly well it cleans up. Can't wait to see what you choose!