Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garage sale goodies

When the people down the street had a garage sale, and I saw these:

I knew it was a must. Sure, they're pink now – but they'll be fabulous once painted. The lady said she got them in the 60s or 70s from a retail store that was closing. I can totally picture them once in an old school toy store. And better yet, I got them for $10 each.

These guys will have a home in R.O.C. 2 (room of crap).

The previous homeowners used this 9x8' room as an office. We're currently using it as our catch-all room. And it's definitely gotten worse since R.O.C. 1 became a second guest bedroom. So the extra shelving will come in handy.

I have one bookcase painted and ready to go, but as luck would have it – I ran out of paint, so the second shelf will just have to wait.


  1. I have never had luck at garage sales. Looking forward to seeing the transformation!!!