Sunday, April 3, 2011


In my cough-syrup drunkenness 2 weeks ago, I saw this photo and got really mad:

Mad enough to save the photo and plan an entire post about my rant. Today, I found the photo and well, that's about it. I vaguely remember being mad at this medicine drawer because there's no place for cough syrup (leave it to the girl coughing up a lung to discover this), but that's all I've got.

While this photo does look nice, to a medicine junky like myself – there is definitely no way. Look how few pills there are. And I'm really good at letting medicine expire, so the opened Tylonel thing going on is a bad idea for this girl.

I will be honest though, this photo has definitely gotten me in the mood to organize. So closets (and medicine) beware.


  1. Yeah, this is one of those cute photos that isn't really practical (at least not for medicine...jewelery maybe?? Buttons? Beads?). I need to see the expiration dates on my medicines because like you, I may keep some of them a BIT too long. (Hello, Motrin from 1996!) Also, many pills come in bottles and apparently unlike the owner of this drawer, I am uncomfortable with just having an open dish of random pills in my drawer! AND those meds that come in blister packs may not have directions/warnings on the pack. So many things wrong here.

  2. I agree! cute photo but not practical, martha stewart did a similar one for an office drawer with paper clips, etc in jadeite cups, it was so cute and much more practical! I've been meaning to do something similar with our kitchen "junk drawer"...

  3. I'm so happy I'm not the only medicine junky out there! The picture looks really pretty, but once you start thinking about it – it's not practical at all. And definitely not safe if you have kids.

  4. I also learned from IHEARTorganizing, that you're not actually supposed to keep medicine in the bathroom. Huh.

    I'm mad because I'm jealous of the size of that drawer, which does not exist in my teeny little house.

  5. I have a whole bunch of cluttered drawers you could work on :)

  6. Kim – Is saying "that sounds fun" totally nerdy?