Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Organizing (Closet #1)

After my medicine drawer rant, I decided my drug turf in the linen closet could use some serious decluttering (hello, Tylonel from 2007 – I'm talking to you). Well, at least that's what I intended to do. But when I opened the linen closet, I discovered what an embarrassing war zone the entire closet was.

The embarrassing war zone:
So, I emptied it:

Then decided I had nothing else going on, so painted both the walls and shelves:

I picked green because it's bright, but more importantly, because I had a lot of this paint leftover from the hall bath.

Then came Target. I promise this trip started off innocent. I had a prescription to pick up, which apparently earned me a $10 Target gift card since it was a new med. So I mosied over to Target's storage area, and that's where things took a turn. I stared down 2 bins for at least 20 minutes. Yep, I just stood there and stared, while trying to visualize my super narrow linen closet and what would fit. I'm sure I looked awesome.

Anywho, on to the after...

I am so happy with it. And other than some (okay lots) of expired medicine and 1 pair of sheets – everything is back in there. Yet I somehow have much more room! I love organizational magic tricks. :)

And now some less awkward angle shots:No more searching for a special medicine. Things are now grouped into 6 categories: first aid, cold, aches, allergies, Ashley's and other.

And since I'm still on organizing mode, I've decided to tackle 3 more closets – the office and the 2 in the entry way.


  1. Beautiful. Deep breath and smile at the lovely new space.

  2. That turned out awesome. I'm excited because this weekend I'm painting our hallway and the hall closet doors. Now I think I'm going to paint the inside to! YAY for inspiration!

  3. A little organization always makes me happy. Great job.

  4. Well done! Great idea to paint the inside.

  5. It looks great! Love organization. :)

  6. I love organization. Looks great! I wonder if it's going to migrate to my house pretty soon.