Sunday, February 20, 2011


Even with 2 mishaps (both in the mis-measuring department), more progress was made on the built-ins than I expected.

The before:
The blank canvas:

The "demo":

The purchase:
There are some things we just aren't comfortable DIYing, like things that require straight lines. We had Home Depot cut all the shelving. The first 2 cuts are free, and everything after is $.50 a cut. $17 is a small price to pay for straight lines. We dropped off our "order" Saturday morning and it was ready 40 minutes later. Totally worth it.

The base (not sure what's going on with the spots):

Saturday's progress pic:

The big blank area (which is DVD shelving) was done, but I'm mean and had Brent redo it this morning. The bottom shelf was too short (as in, you couldn't put a finger above the DVD to grab it out). He said we could make due, I gave him several mean looks and finally I got my way. While I still don't think he is happy with me, I'm sure he'll be thankful about it in the long run.

Aside from the shelves, we alo dogsat this little cutie:


  1. I can relate. Sometimes it is so hard to accept a mistake and go back and fix it. Just keep thinking about the end result.

  2. Looks like it's gonna be great. I just love built in's and would love to add some to our 4-year old builder grade house to give it some character.

  3. You both are so brave, it is AWESOME. Everything is looking good.

    Those spots on the photos look like orbs to me. Your house is haunted. Just kidding. OR AM I? :)

  4. Looks good and the doggie is a cutie!