Thursday, August 26, 2010

My pedestal table flip

I first fell in love with this side table from Pottery Barn:

But since it's from Pottery Barn, I think we all know the price wasn't a bargain (or anywhere remotely close to one).

Then came Z Gallerie's side table for only $99.

A lot better in price, but I still couldn't do it.

Well, remember this guy:

Yep, I used him and made my own:

I'm so happy with how this table turned out.

I scored this table off Craigslist for $10 (!!!!!!!), and once the cost of spray paint is factored in – I only spent $27 plus change on everything.

Unfortunately, the table is too big for the space I intended it to go. While I love it next to the chair, for it to go there – I have to push the chair too close to the sectional – and that's the only walkway to the kitchen. So for the moment, my table is homeless. I love it so much, but Craigslist may be in its future.

Project details
This project was super easy. I roughed up the table with sandpaper, cleaned the table off and then used Rust Oleum's titanium silver metallic spray paint. With the finish on the table being so dark, I ended up having to use 2 bottles. Once that was dry, I used a clear coat spray paint over that just to be safe.

Note: Of course that's "Mockingjay" on the table. And of course, I already finished it. That book was amazing! Seriously, go read The Hunger Games series right now!


  1. I hate it when something doesn't fit just like I want it to, but the table looks great! Nice job.

  2. It looks seriously gorgeous.........hang onto it for awhile before off-loading it, you may be able to use it somewhere!

  3. LOVE this table! It looks great!

  4. Love the table! But if you are planning on selling it - please email me =)


  5. it is beautiful! I have been wanting one like that for so long, you did an amazing job on it!

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