Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Closet facelift

I love having a finished basement; the only issue is the lack of storage.

In the first house, the basement wasn't finished – so it was 100% storage. In the current house, well, it's basically the exact opposite.

So where did everything that didn't fit in the storage area end up? The third bedroom:

Yeah, it's slightly embarrassing. But I didn't want to pack up all my extra accessories, so I didn't have a lot of options. Until I remember the closet in the guest bedroom:

The closet now:

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Brent and I just used the cheap ClosetMaid gear, and quickly discovered that while it's the cheapest – it still cost a good chunk of $$. It was totally worth it though, because now the third bedroom is crap free.

While organizing everything, I found my cat ears. I decided to put them on Macintosh – he wasn't a fan.

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