Friday, April 2, 2010


I love the springtime, but I love it even more this year. It’s our first spring in the new house, and with that comes finally being able to enjoy a proper front and back yard as well figuring out the mysteries of them.

Last week, I noticed flower buds starting to pop up in the front yard – it was such a nice surprise to come home to. Then came the fun of trying to figure out what type of flower it was – Brent heard me debate over and over again about whether the greens looked more like tulips or daffodils. I am happy to report that I have daffodils in my front yard.

Now comes the mystery of what other surprises await for me. Brent says we had sunflowers growing in the backyard last fall, but I honestly have no memory of this – I must have been a little distracted by the joy of finally having more than one bathroom.

Weekend plans: The fireplace (yep, I’m STILL painting it)

In other randomness: When I wrote “Springtime” for the title, I really wanted to finish it “…for Hitler and Germany.” But I figured I might scare those off who haven’t seen the musical “The Producers.”

In more randomness: I wonder if I will go on a watchlist for mentioning Hitler. Hmmm, I think my decorating blog just got risky.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Haha, the Producers is a GREAT movie! Maybe you won't go on the watchlist unless you mention Hitler a few more times. =)

  2. C – So sorry I deleted your comment. It posted 3 times, so I tried to delete 2 of them, and they all magically disappeared. :(