Monday, April 12, 2010

The Experiment

So, I am now being told that these evil, mutant weeds could actually be daylilies. And there are several possibilities why these poor lilies aren't blooming:

1. The soil is bad
2. Not enough sunlight
3. There are too many of them and need to be thinned out

Tonight, I will go all scientific and start an experiment.

My plan is to dig out 3 of these "mystery plants" put them in a pot with good soil, in a good sunlight and see what happens.

Update: The "weeds" are most definitely daylilies. Oops. If you haven't figured it out yet, I am terrible at this whole outdoor thing. I still plan on putting several in a pot though.

Also, just a reminder, the Just Paint It Challenge is a week from today. :)


  1. Those things are harder than heck to get rid of. Dig out what you can and spray the heck outa that area with RoundUp!!


  2. Ahh yay! I was kind of hoping that's what they are! I am definitely going to go through and thin mine out though.. they look too weedy in clumps like they are.

  3. I forgot to add....They usually don't bloom until early summer.