Projects for 2011

The Front:
- Spray paint the mailbox and 3 light fixtures black (leftover from 2010)
- Rip out bushes blocking the stairs
- Put up a stair rail
- Figure out landscape

- Molding below chair rail

Living Room:
- Extend the crown molding

Dining Room: 
- Stencil the walls

- Paint trim white
- Paint cabinets white
- New hardware
- New countertop
- New backsplash

Hall Bath:
- Replace countertop
- Put frame around the mirror (leftover from 2010)

Master Bath:
- Put frame around mirror (leftover from 2010)

Man Cave:
- Built-in shelves around the TV
- Built-in shelves on the other side of the stairs
- Paint the trim and doors white
- Figure out the sofa situation (leftover from 2010)
- Coaster art

Third Room:
- Paint room gray