Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A tiny house tour

I won't lie, when Audrey fell in love with Calico Critters, I did a happy dance.

Not only do I have the nostalgia of playing with them as a girl myself, but they might officially be the cutest thing ever. While the brand can be a pricey interest, the quality and attention to detail in every item is just amazing. And it's those details that Audrey seems to appreciate most (because who wants to play with a oven that doesn't open)? 

So of course, she needed a house for her Calico Critters! I did look at the Calico Critters ones for a bit, but they had two things going against them – price and room size. I already knew I'd be spending a considerable amount of furniture, I didn't want to add $100+ for a house on that. And the room sizes were just small, some of which were even difficult to access. I just didn't feel they were very 3-year-old appropriate.

So, we decided to build:

Supplies were roughly $35. I had the paint. And then I spent maybe $8 on wallpaper (scrapbook paper).

Audrey has had her doll house for 3 weeks now, and I can easily say she's played with it daily. I love watching her play with this house – her imagination at work is so much fun to watch.

And now, on to the tour:

The kitchen:

The master
(If patient, you can find this set on eBay for a fraction on the price).

The bathroom:

The kids room:

The nursery:

And for those curious, the "connecting" tree house:

While the house never really looks like this (Audrey likes all the beds in one room...the toilet in the kitchen...the car in the living room), it's been such a fun process. She now has a doll house that her daddy built her, and the start of a wonderful toy collection that will be around for generations.


  1. Did you follow plans for the house or make them up from scratch? It looks awesome! I also played with them as kids and my nostalgia goes into overdrive now that my daughter has a few of the critters!

    1. We roughly followed YHL's directions (link below). We did widen our house more and ditch the bottom. Otherwise, it was our inspiration.


  2. Sweet! Look how far can you go with just a little imagination!