Monday, February 25, 2013

The family-friendly family room

The family room has gone through several post-Audrey changes. And while there are toys in it, I'm happy with its inevitable progress. It's comfy, visually interesting and most importantly, practical.



If I've learned anything about rugs in my house, it's to not spend too much money on them, because the dogs (and now Audrey) will most likely ruin them. I found this rug for less than $100 on Overstock. And since I'm a sucker for pattern, I thought it was perfect.

The next biggest change is the ottoman. As much as I loved our coffee table, with Audrey, it just wasn't working. A storage ottoman allows room for toys and cushion for a clumsy toddler. I found this ottoman also on Overstock. (And with that, I realized I only own 3 items from Overstock and all are in the family room. Fun times).

I also ditched the corner shelf, because I was feeling lazy and didn't want to mount it. I'm currently toying with the concept of some built-ins on the mini wall.

I got rid of the breakables on the TV stand, and replaced them with a few pictures and decorative boxes filled with toys. The toys Audrey plays with the most, I leave out in a basket. The rest of her toys are either in the storage ottoman or downstairs where we now spend most of our time.

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