Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The month of Audrey

The month of December was an Audrey-filled one – with 4 amazing showers, Christmas and 3 birth/baby classes – it was impossible to forget that Audrey will be making her debut in 5ish weeks.

My first shower was for family and family friends. (I haven't received photos from this shower yet though).

My good friends Kelley and Sara hosted my second shower.

During the shower we got crafty and made onsies. It was so much fun seeing what designs everyone came up with. They even made sure to have houndstooth fabric for me to use.

At my third shower, I had 6 amazing hostesses:

This shower was from my book club friends. The theme was penguin wonderland, which was beyond perfect. There were penguins everywhere (there were even penguin jello shots that others were enjoying), but I especially loved the cake:

So clearly with all these showers...and Christmas, Audrey got beyond spoiled. H
I'm still in a state of shock that realistically, Audrey could say hello anytime now.

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