Sunday, September 4, 2011


Me: I had the weirdest dreams last night.

Brent (giving me a nervous look of where I was going with this, after hearing about another recent dream)

Me: I put in my retainer.

Brent: That is weird.

Me: Hey! I do that occasionally! Anyway, in my dream, when I took it out – half my teeth came out with it, including my 2 front teeth. It was very embarrassing, and I made you call Doctor Gardner.

Brent: Maybe that's a sign you should floss more.

Kill joy...

Me: We're taking queues from my dreams now? The night before one of my dreams involved our house running out of oxygen and us having to go outside whenever we wanted to breathe. What moral can you find in that dream?

Brent: That maybe I should stop farting in the house.

Touche, good sir, touche.

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  1. Actually when there is a dream of someone losing their teeth its a sign of death. Not the person who had the dream but somebody that they know.