Monday, April 4, 2011

That time of year

I can't believe it's already yard work time. It's gross and exciting all at the same time.

I'm currently de-leaving the landscape of the backyard – it's quite the chore:
So far no frogs have attacked me this year, so that's something. Although, I'm still nervous about having to remove leaves behind the shed (maybe that can be Brent's job).

Flowers are starting to bloom though, so I'm wanting to get all my landscaping tasks done asap.

Landscaping goals:
- Remove the lilies of the valley
- Remove the vine on the lattice and add climbing roses
- Remove the bushes in the front and relandscape

Anyone else have any exciting landscaping plans?


  1. I lol at the frog attack : ) We have lots of landscaping ahead of us this year.

  2. Sadly my landscaping plans are to save up and pay someone to do it for us :P

    We hired out our leaf removal at the end of fall last year, and holy cow was that the best idea ever. Now if I can just find someone cheap but good to revamp our non-existant landscaping in our full of shade yard...

  3. My main yard goal for the moment is to rake up all the leaves that were missed last fall. I hate raking. After that I need to completely do something with the small space I have in front of my condo. My goal is low maintenance. But I'm the only unit in the complex that hasn't made my area look nice.

  4. Marjaricci – Ugh, I hate being "that house." The retired couple across from me have an amazing English-cottage landscape thing going on. I love looking out the window and admiring their work. I feel bad they have nothing exciting to look at over here.