Thursday, April 21, 2011

So mad

Apparently, "we're leaving now, see you in an hour" is now code for "we're going to stand you up."

Yep, the sectional lady was a no-show. Brent and I are livid...and sad. All our furniture has already been moved out of the man cave, so I spent last night laying on the floor.

It amazes me how inconsiderate people can be.

On to the next sofa search...


  1. How rude! What did they get out of stringing you along?

  2. Oh, I have SO been there. Frustrating to say the least. Hope you find someone else soon.

  3. I have no idea what she got with stringing me along – it's just really frustrating.

  4. I think you should post a negative comment on craiglist or leave a message just letting her no that it was completly unprofessional. I wish there was a rating system like on ebay. So when someone does stuff like this...there is a neagtive impact on future orders. Sorry this happened.

  5. Sigh. Some people just don't care. Look at it this way, everything happens for a reason.

  6. Oh wow....WTF!!!

    I replied (via email) to an ad and the lady said ~ oh that's been gone for a long time. I said uhmmm you might want to delete it then! UGH!

    Another one ~ I found a chandelier for my niece ~ the guy finally got back with me....said he was out of town and would return that weekend. I gave him my phone number so we could schedule a time to get together. He never called....and it's still listed on there.

    I don't get some people.