Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend update and other randomness

My main goal for the weekend (other than hardcore basketball watching) was to finish painting the trim in the family room. I started painting the trim in there in mid-January, and have successfully avoided this task since.

So, why I have avoided the family room?

Yep, I hate ladders that much. Brent offered to paint the trim in that area, but I've seen how he paints and decided that was far scarier. As you can see from that picture though, I got past my fear and made it happen (granted I made Brent hold me and the ladder the entire time).

I must admit, I am still bummed about KU's loss yesterday. I should have known it was coming when I put Chip's KU bandanna on and then 5 seconds later he puked all over me. It definitely wasn't a great start to my evening.

So how did I nurse the shocking loss of my Kansas Jayhawks? I went upstairs and finished painting the doors in the third bedroom.

My stats for doors painted are slowly increasing. I am now 21/35.


  1. ahh, great job & of course I think they look WAY better. NG

  2. those doors look great! So crisp!

  3. Two questions for you:

    1. Any tips for painting hinges? I want to slowly replace our brass doorknobs, but don't want to replace the hinges. Painting would probably be pretty easy because we need to repaint the trim anyway...

    2. Secondly. I have pre-fab white doors. Any tips for finding the right color of white for the trim. I don't believe we have any paint leftover from the previous homeowners to give us any hints.

  4. looks great! I accomplished nothing but dusting the office this weekend!

    Michelle you could spray paint them but they may be goopy then and not work properly.

  5. Michelle – I am painting my hinges. The previous owners had already painted some of them anyway.

    As for the doors, I am sure Lowes or Home Depot would know and gets that question often. If not, there is color matching software – you just have to have a chip of the paint.

  6. Wow, those doors look fab! The white just pops!

  7. WOW, this is amazing. I need you to come to my house and help me ha ha! Hope you have a great week!