Thursday, March 4, 2010

My latest Craigslist deal

The current desk chair for our office is one of those big, black leather ones. While it's not my style, Brent sits in it 99.9% more than I do – so I wasn't going to be one to pick fights.

I thought fate intervened while we were moving last summer. While the chair was chilling in the POD for that month, some Windex spilled on out from another box. (Just a hint: if you leave Windex on leather for a month, it will kick its butt. A follow-up tip to the hint: don't store cleaning supplies in a POD).

When Brent showed me what happened to his chair, I was delighted. I thought we could finally move on to an office chair with more of a modern touch. But to my horror, the chair made it upstairs to the office. So now I was left with a chair that wasn't my style with some very obvious rips in it. Lovely.

Then a miracle happened. Several weeks ago, Brent and I were catching up on TV, and he was flipping through the new CB2 catalog, when he said "I could handle a chair like this for the office." Once I got passed being too nervous to look, I was thrilled to see he was eying a bungee chair. Thank God.

CB2 had the chair listed at $189, and being the deal-hunter that I am, my first thought was – I can do better. Ummm, clearly I had no idea how much bungee chairs usually go for. After seeing chair after chair for $300, $189 plus tax and shipping, started to sound like a bargain.

But then I went back to my dear friend Craigslist and found this guy listed for $150.

Even better, this chair was just used for staging, so it lacked the wear and tear. Even better than that, I talked the guy down to $125. While I'm not positive where this chair is from, Target has the same chair for $259.99. :)

Brent just called to say the bungee chair is in his car, and I am thrilled to see it in the office. I know this chair put me over on my ridiculously small office-makeover budget, but it was totally worth it. Plus, I wasn't expecting to get a new chair. I really thought I'd be stuck with that old leather beast for forever.

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