Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Basket Case

I got my ass kicked by baskets last night.

My plan was simple enough – buy a basket to put on top of the DVD player in the family room. After not much more thought, I thought a green basket would be ideal.

So I journeyed to…
1. Hobby Lobby
2. Jo-Anns
3. Z Gallerie
4. Crate & Barrell

By this point, I gave up on green baskets and fell in love with this natural basket. I excitedly went home only to discover it was too tall. Awesome

5. Crate & Barrell – return
6. Michaels

Here, I actually found a light green basket – so I quickly snatched it up and took it home with me. It was then I decided it looked like an Easter basket sans handles.

7. Michaels – return
8. Gordmans
9. Hobby Lobby – new store
10. Michaels – new store and success!

And with my basket mission complete, here’s the new TV, console table and accessories.

As for the accessories...
Basket – Michaels, $8
Green picture frame – had
White vase (left) – Z Gallerie, $19.95
White vase (right) – HomeGoods, $12.99
Green vase – Crate & Barrel, $19.95


  1. Looks awesome!! Now, if you are anything like me, the minute you finished that corner, you were looking for the next area to transform.; )
    Addicts..all of us!!

  2. i love the jars on your mantle that are two sizes and half green! where did you find those??

  3. Like! I also like the vases vs. the pitcher from the other photo you sent. Looking great!

  4. this is hysterical b/c i did just this trying to find some sort of holder/basket to store remotes in. i hate them sitting out on the end table, and i have tried hiding them behind picture frames i have out, but it still annoys me. first i went to joanns, bought 3. then i went to thrift store and one dollar store. found none. homegoods. found two. one of the homegoods worked, so it was back to joanns to return 2 of the 3, and still need to go to homegoods to return the 1. gah!

  5. I got the vases on the fireplace from CB2 last year.

    Susan – Seriously, the projects will never stop. :)

    Leslie – Thanks! I'm a lot happier with it too now.

    Miss Corner Cape – Baskets look all harmless, but they are totally complicated.

  6. Thank you so much for showing that picture of your fireplace! This may sound silly but I have the same kind of fireplace (all brick with raised hearth) and I couldn't figure out what kind of mantel to intall. Currently I don't have one but I was thinking of doing something similar to yours and seeing yours made me feel better about it! Great post too, like the vases from Z Gallerie!!

  7. I would love to see a full picture of your fireplace. It reminds me of my fireplace and I keep changing my mind how I want to decorate it.

  8. Looks neat and beautiful. I love the furniture and it's nice to put some of green color furniture on that corner.