Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Living Room – Where I Got It

Since my living room is finally done, I am excited to answer the most frequent question I get – where I got something that’s in my living room.

1. Sofa – Nebraska Furniture Mart (Ashley Furniture), $900 (including stain guard protection and tax rounded up)
2. Coffee and end tables – Nebraska Furniture Mart, $500 (after I ordered this, I discovered Z Gallerie also carries these)
3. Art – This piece was a housewarming present from an artist from of the family
4. Lamps – Z Gallerie, $220 total (during their 20% sale)
5. Rug – eBay, $110
6. Bowl – Kate Spade, $149 (gift)
7. Tealight holder – Z Gallerie, $3 for both (gift)
8. Bowl – Crate & Barrel, $29.99 (gift)
9. Vase – Z Gallerie, $24 (during their 20% sale)
10. Picture frame – Z Gallerie, $14.95 (gift)
11. Pillows – Etsy seller Nestables and custom made, $100 (including inserts)

12. Chairs – Home Decorators Outlet, $300 total (gift)
13. Pillows – from sofa
14. Panels – custom made, $200 (includes fabric and labor)
15. Sofa Table – Target, $110
16. Mirror – HomeGoods, $59.99
17. Vase – Z Gallerie, $29.99 (gift – my mom gave me this vase and she has broken it twice. So yes, hot glue can do miracles)
18. Candleholders – Z Gallerie. $26 total (during their 20% sale)
19. Bling candleholder – Hobby Lobby, $14.99

20. Floating shelves – Lowes, $80
21. White vase – Z Gallerie, $29.95 (gift)
22. Crystal vase – I only have 2 things from my grandma, this is one of them
23. Candleholder – Z Gallerie, $16.00 (during their 20% sale)
24. Westie art – DIY, free
25. Line art – and Michaels, $30 total
26. Bud vase – Michaels, $3.99
27. Vase – HomeGoods, $12.99
28. White vase – Gordmans, $14.99 (gift)
29. Bling candleholder – Z Gallerie, $9.99 (gift)
30. Candleholder – Kohls, $4.99 (gift)

Total I spent: $2,392.98
Room total: $2,979.83

I must admit, I had a difficult time figuring out how I should do room totals. Because what I actually spent versus the room total are 2 very different things, I wanted to include both.

There were other things I debated, and that's where it gets complicated. There's at least $400 in the "total I spent" category that could be debatable. Any gift certificates I received, I included in that total. As well as the console table I bought with my March Madness winnings several years ago.

And for those curious about the multiple "gifts" in the room...a good chunk of it is wedding presents that we finally get to display. Brent's and my birthday's are really close together, so we took advantage of that last year with the amazing chairs.

Yep, I think that is about it. I hope I answered all questions. :)


  1. thanks for the info, if you are not an interior designer you sure decorate like 1!!!! seriously though, amazing job:)

  2. Ahhh....thanks so much. I'm not an interior designer, but I am a graphic designer. :)

  3. Do you remember the ebay seller's id for the rug? Also what size is that rug? Thanks.

  4. I got the rug from eBay seller bidonrugs:

    The size I got was 8x10.

  5. I love the paint color! What is it?!