Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Container Store love

When I was at The Container Store in Dallas (yep, Kansas City does not have a Container Store, and yes, it makes me sad daily), I splurged on all things organization.

I found these fabulous acrylic stacking trays that I'm now obsessed with, because you can add/remove the dividers to your pleasing. I wish I got more than one while there. But at least my cosmetics drawer is finally organized:



  1. I need some of those, but we don't have a container store either. :(

  2. those are great we have them in our kitchen.

  3. Container Store? I need to check that out. There used to be a store in New York called Hold Everything that I would just go in to marvel at all the boxes and things.

  4. There's one in St. Louis!!
    I think more than that awesome container, I need your uber huge drawers! Super jealous :)