Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have a happy husband

When our Blu-ray player arrived in the mail today, I knew what Brent would be doing.

It's amazing how fast he can move when he wants to. He switched out 2 DVD players in an hour, yet it somehow took a week for the living room Christmas tree to make the journey up from the basement.

Was this purchase anywhere near the top of my list? No. But since it's been on the top of Brent's list for awhile now – I decided Black Friday was the time to take advantage. My only requirement was Wi-Fi, because if we're doing Blu-ray, well, I want the entire experience.

When everything was all hooked up, and Brent had he first Blu-ray movie in (and was making the house shake with his choice in speaker volume), I must admit I was impressed with the picture. And this is saying a lot, because I could care less about whether I'm watching something in HD or not.

While I don't see us running out and buying 2 more to replace our other DVD players, I am happy to be catching up with the rest of the movie-watching enthusiasts.