Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Operation Ikea

I knew Ikea was big, but I had no idea how large it actually was. It took Brent and me 2.5 hours to make it through the main floor, and even then I felt we were rushing at times.

For those who have never been to Ikea, say hello to the maze (and yes, Brent made fun of me for taking this picture):
While I spent time marveling over the amazing deals, Brent took fascination with the cart and its amazing spinning capability (which, once I was finally allowed to try, became a fan myself).

I had a fear that going to Ikea over Black Friday weekend would result in many out-of-stock items, but I'm happy to report we managed to get everything on our list, plus some impulse items and Christmas gifts.

Here's the loot we got for ourselves:

1. 4 Stockholm throw pillows for the man cave (for once we actually get big kid furniture down there).

2. I have no idea what I'm planning on doing with the Borrby lantern, but we thought it was fun, and for $7.99, why not.

3. Two Expedit inserts with 2 drawers for the kitchen.

4. I loved the look of this Smarta oven serving dish. It was definitely my favorite impulse buy.

5. One green Mjonas tealight for the family room.

6. Two Henriksdal Chairs for the dining room.

7. And the reason I wanted to go to Ikea in the first place, the Expedit shelf in white. I've been so impressed with how mine in the kitchen is holding up, that I wanted/needed another.

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  1. I've been having a blast with Ikea at my new place. I'm all about the LACK floating shelves and mixing up their modern light fixtures with my more-antiquey decorating style. It gives a very fun eclectic look!