Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chip hearts houndstooth

I just acquired a super soft houndstooth throw from Kohls, and let's just say that Chip approves.

In other related news: When I told my mom about this, she got very frustrated. Apparently, she got me the same throw. Oops. What can I say – I heart houndstooth.


  1. I saw that blanket at Kohl's and loved it! Good thing it's pooch approved. I'm getting a brown houndstooth blanket from Target for Christmas. You can't go wrong with houndstooth.

  2. That throw is in the wrong room!! It matches the living room, not the family room! ;)

  3. I have this throw too! It is definitely my new favorite blanket - it is super warm and soft. The funny thing is, right now, my dog is curled up in a ball on it, just like Chip!

  4. I would lie to own the same blanket now that there is almost 14 inches of snow outside. I hope the office cleaning service (New York-based) won't have a hard time in cleaning our office.
    Work will resume on the 3rd of January and the office cleaning services (New York-based) has 11 floors of cleaning to do. By the way, I think having that in my office would make me warm too. Thanks for sharing!