Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The tree gameplan

Meet trees #3 and #4.

I would say I'm embarrassed about purchasing 2 trees in a day, but that would be a lie. I think it's rather awesome.

If I could have a Christmas tree in every room in the house, I would. It's not so much about the tree itself, as it is with my love of themes. I want each tree to have a certain look, so my logic is simple: new look = new tree.

Tree #1 – This tree will be making the journey down to the man cave, because of its size. This is the traditional tree – so think popcorn, garland and lots of color. This is the tree that supports the no ornament left behind program.

Tree #2 – Oh penguin tree, oh penguin tree, how fabulous you are. I've been debating about what type of tree topper to use, and I found this – sure it's paper, but it kind of makes me smile. Opinions?

Tree #3 – The current plan is for this guy to go in the kitchen. What goes on a tree in the kitchen? Treats of course! All those peppermint and cupcake ornaments I've acquired will finally have a home, thanks to this $15 price tag.

Tree #4 – (Well, this isn't the exact tree – same size, but it's a pre-lit). This tree will go in the living room, and will be my white tree – so any white, silver and clear ornaments belong here. I even picked up this tree skirt, to stick with my white look.

Other dream trees...
- A dog tree – nothing but doggy-related ornaments
- A snowman tree with a top hat as the topper
- A picture tree


  1. love all the trees! we are at 2 this year but my family room needs one too...hmm. and I have been eyeballing that white tree skirt for the last couple months, just need to pull the trigger!

  2. I LOVE all the trees! I barely have room for one tree, let alone 4 :(

    Can't wait for the day when we move into a bigger house, I will definitely be following your lead on the themed trees! Love them!

  3. I've upped ours from one to three trees now that we have a house. A 7.5', a 4' and a 2'. I think I have enough decorations for all finally. I am just dying to put them up now but I am hosting Thanksgiving. I am especially excited about the medium tree which will be pink and purple. I think the penguin topper is cute but maybe you could try etsy/the alchemy feature to get a sturdier one?

  4. I too have a tree addiction issue. However, my trees are much smaller but still, I have a Christmas tree forest. I fully support all tree options here and I LOVE the penguin tree topper...it looks to me like a must for the penguin tree.