Monday, November 29, 2010

Everything's bigger in Texas

This was my first time in Texas, and I must say, I had an amazing time.

I will admit, I was a tad scared to drink the water – I've seen friends go there and then suddenly have an affinity toward cowboy boots, so I decided to stick with wine. (Sadly for my liver, that is only kind of a joke).

The wedding was beyond gorgeous. Brent and I both agree it was by far the most fun we've had at a wedding, and experiencing our first Hora (chair dance) didn't hurt either. The rehearsal was at Gleneagles Country Club in Plano and the wedding/reception was at the Galleria in Dallas.

Curious how I'm looping this back to home/decor talk? Watch this magic...

We had some time to spare, so Brent and I took a scenic home tour around Gleneagles, since that's where the groom's parents live (although, I'll behave and not post that picture below), here are some more of the incredible houses...


  1. I cant even imagine having to clean such a house!They are beautiful though!

  2. If you can afford a house like this, I seriously doubt you're doing your own cleaning.