Friday, November 26, 2010

It's 1:15 in the morning...

...and Black Friday shopping is done!

Brent and I just got back from Wal-Mart and took major advantage of the DVD deals.

We got:
- The Hangover
- The Blind Side
- Gran Torino (Blu-ray)
- How I Met Your Mother (season 1)
- How I Met Your Mother (season 2)
- The Big Bang Theory (season 1)
- The Big Bang Theory (season 2)
- The Big Bang Theory (season 3)
- True Blood (season 1)

We also picked up 3 more packs of the Rubbermaid 40-piece Easy Find Lid Storage Tupperware sets. I got some of this tupperware 2 Black Fridays ago, and I'm obsessed with it – so I've decided to share the love with some family members. :)

All of this for $135. Yes, please.

After Wal-Mart, we came back to my in-laws' house and hit up Amazon for a Blu-ray player (because Brent's only been wanting to get one for about 2 years). While, I appreciate the concept of Blu-ray, I will still be buying normal DVDs for myself, because I don't like the idea of being trapped to only one DVD player.

But for now, it's time for bed, because a drive to Dallas (and then soon a trip to Ikea) awaits us. I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving, and happy shoppings!

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  1. all i wanted was the rubbermaid set, but i didn't want to brave the rest of the crazy people bound to be at walmart! i found that bjs has the set with 48 pieces for 12.99 w qpon. for 5 bucks and 8 pieces more, plus not dealing with black friday...i'll take it! glad you got such great deals!