Sunday, July 11, 2010

Penguins in July

When I think about Hallmark, I don’t think of cards or gift wrap – I think ornaments. And I love ornaments…especially those with penguins on them.

Hallmark’s ornament premiere is this weekend, and I’m sure Brent will be thrilled to learn my penguin tree will be growing by at least 4 ornaments this year.

While I'm not planning on going to the premiere, I do plan on hitting Hallmark up before long. I waited too long last year and didn’t get several ornaments on my list – that mistake will not be made again.

If you are a penguin ornament lover like myself, you have to check out the blog My Penguin Tree. Donald puts all other penguin trees to shame, with the amount of ornaments in his stash. So how many does he have? Enough to dedicate an entire blog to them.


  1. How about some pictures of your ornaments, or the whole tree? I have a sock monkey tree. It is only 4 feet high, but I like it. Ann

  2. My penguin tree is going to grow by 12 if I get all the Hallmark ornaments with penguins this year. Plus, I found two ornaments from earlier years on a clearance shelf and I've got a dozen or so others already from other places. I even have a sock monkey style penguin! It's one of my favorites.

  3. Nutbird – If you click on the link in the second paragraph, it will take you to the post with some photos of my penguin tree. This holiday season I plan on taking a lot more photos of it.

    DJ – A sock monkey penguin?!?! That sounds rather amazing. I'm hoping Crate & Barrel has some more penguin ornaments this year – those always seem to be my favorites.

  4. Yeah, i might have to dig up the sock monkey penguin and post it out of order. We're coming up on its one-year anniversary in a couple of weeks.