Saturday, July 24, 2010

Impromptu garage sale

Last weekend, my neighbor told me someone down the street was having an estate sale today, and she was planning on piggybacking off the traffic and having a garage sale. Brent was convinced we didn't have enough stuff, but last night I was on a mission and even went through taped up boxes in basement storage I'm sure we didn't even go through at the old house.

We made a decent chunk of money to add to savings, and most importantly for me, we have less clutter. We are down a rug, a dresser that even I found hopeless, a TV, an armoire, 3 Rubbermaid drawers, plus tons of small stuff.

There's a couple more things we'd like gone so we're toying with the idea of opening up shop tomorrow morning as well. But like today's sale, that will also probably be a game-time decision.

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