Thursday, June 18, 2009

Major Roof Drama

Drama. Not with our beautiful one-month-old roof, but with Dream House's roof. Brent and I knew going in that we'd be stuck with getting a new roof in 5 years or so. It wouldn't be fun, but we loved the house – so we'd make it work.

Today, we had our roof guy, Jim, drive by the house to get opinions, oh, and opinions we got. First of all he didn't know if the roof would pass the inspection because it needed lots of love. But more importantly, since the roof has 2 layers of wood, he didn't think we'd even be able to get it insured. Ummm, what?

Brent calls Shelter Insurance, and sure enough, they do not cover 2 layers of wood on a roof, and therefore, do not insure those houses. Apparently this is a new thing insurance companies are doing. Best part: Shelter doesn't think any insurance company covers those roofs anymore.

Now it was my turn to call Patti freaking out. Patti has never heard of this before, so she is now calling different insurance companies before telling Dream House owners the wonderful news – they need a new roof.

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