Thursday, November 6, 2014

For all the little things

I've recently become obsessed with Savers. Once I got over the smell of thrift store (and realized the store was worth my allergies acting up), I discovered the joy of children's books for only $0.69 each (with buy four, get one free on top of it)...and coupons. Audrey is a major bookworm, and I embrace that every chance I get by adding to her book collection. So I quickly fell in love.

Yesterday, I decided to venture past the book region, and discovered a small printer's drawer for $2.99.

Spoiler alert: I bought it.

I had a full-size printer's drawer in my room as a child and loved it. I collected "little things," and showed off my prized possessions with pride above my desk.

And Audrey loves her little things as well. When I got home, I painted it pink with some craft paint.

Audrey was so excited about it, so started playing with it right away by putting her Hello Kitties to sleep in it.

And while it's not in Audrey's use...

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