Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

I won't lie, it's my favorite day of the year. I'm a sucker for deals, so I feel this day was made for me. And with all the amazing online deals now, I'm not even leaving the house.

I've been enjoying Amazon's lightning deals for the last month, but they've been especially amazing the last several days.

I got the Lego movie for $3.95. 

The Matilda Jane Veranda dress for $20. (And maybe a pair of leggings and shorties two days ago. And a dress for myself).

The Land of Nod Princess and the Pea Toddler Sheet set for $41.50.

While this deal was only 15% off with free shipping, I know this is probably the best deal I'll get for this, Audrey desperately needs a sheet set.

I'll be watching Amazon throughout the day as well (Calico Critter tree house at 1pm!), but since Audrey's list is already addressed, I'm not super concerned.

4:42 pm edit: I did end up getting the Calico Critter Adventure Tree House. On Amazon, it was originally $69.99, and during the lightning deal it was $34.99. There is no way I can say no to that.

What deals did everyone else score?

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