Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Because I don't have enough ornaments

My mom and I did one of my new favorite holiday traditions today: a visit to Hallmark Corporate to take advantage of her employee discount.

Between her 50% discount in the Hallmark Store and 75% discount in the Double Discount store, I typically go a little nuts. But all my spending from previous years has earned me a rather impressive gift wrap and ornament collection, so this year I decided to tone it out and spent less than half of what I usually do.

$45 later, and I'm rather proud of myself.

Pretty Pink Trike: I saw this ornament and thought it was fate, because Audrey is asking (well, writing) Santa for a pink tricycle this year.

Boba Fett: Two years ago, I got Brent the first ornament in the LEGO Star Wars series as a stocking stuffer. Now it's apparently a tradition.

Season's Treatings: I absolutely adore this series. It is so cute and looks adorable on my kitchen tree.

Sweet Treat Penguin: Because I can't not get a penguin ornament.

In addition to the ornaments, we hit up the Double Discount store, and I got these goodies.

I'm so excited about Santa's workshop! I've been wanting to do some sort of mini Christmas village, but everything I've seen is too traditional. This will be perfect.

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