Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ikea, round 2

Brent and I are doing an Ikea roadtrip to Minneapolis this weekend, and I'm just a tad excited for it. Plus, I've never been to Minneapolis for pleasure, so it will be nice to see the city.

While our shopping list isn't as big as I was originally expecting, it will still be a productive trip.

The List
Expedit bookcase (for behind the sectional in the man cave):

Another Expedit bookcase (for behind the sectional in the man cave):

Branas Baskets for the Expedits:

SKUBB drawer organizers for the nursery:

Bastis hooks for the nursery:

Kassetts magazine files for work:

On our original list was also a crib, but Ikea sadly took all those away for more testing about 6 weeks ago. So that decision gets to remain in limbo for a bit.

I'll also be hitting up The Container Store while there, because that store is amazing. I'm still in shock that Kansas City doesn't have one. Apparently, my fellow neighbors feel differently about organization, and that makes me sad.


  1. I am so jealous of your IKEA shopping trip! Have a great time! We have the dog hooks in our nursery and I love how they look and how functional they are!

  2. Two of my favorite stores here in the cities. Have a blast!

  3. I live in KC, and I so wish we had Ikea and Container Store! :-(