Sunday, August 22, 2010

My latest Craigslist finds

If you're a fan of Decorating Obsessed on Facebook, you know I've been a busy girl. It's been all Craigslist all the time for me.

I scored this table on Wednesday:
I started working on it today, but the humidity got too out of control to finish. Hopefully, the weather cooperates soon, because it's looking so good and I'm rather impatient.

Today, I got this dresser and nightstand:
The dresser definitely needs some work on the drawers, but the price was just too good to pass up – and the fact in came with a nightstand sweetened the deal for me. Both these items I plan on flipping.


  1. Very cute little round table! You have so much energy......I am lazy and bought a small round table @ Tarjay to go on the end of my sectional! :)

  2. I've been looking for two round tables like that!! Lucky you

  3. I am jealous of all your great CL finds! If you ever see 2 matching nightstands that aren't too wide (like 20" max)...let me know!! I have been searching forEVER and never seem to find what I'm looking for. But I think you have way better CL skills than I do... :)

  4. I swear I think I have the exact same little round table! It was my great-grandmothers and I adore it.

  5. Oh, I love that table........

  6. MrsG – What about these?