Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye buffet

In case you didn't notice my "after" of the dresser/buffet I bought just for Brent's party in yesterday's photos...



I'm really happy with how it turned it. The only thing weird about this dresser was the middle drawers – the drill holes were all different. So I filled the bottom holes in to make it more consistent and then updated all the hardware after I painted the piece white.

This is the first piece of furniture I've bought this year with the pure intention of flipping then selling. I'm happy to report that I received 3 emails in about 2 hours, and this guy was picked up last night. Brent's happy to have some more space in his man cave, and I'm happy to have a little extra money in my pocket. All good things.


  1. WHOA! that was fast. great job in flipping the dresser/buffet!

  2. Jill – Thanks! It was easy for me since I knew I wanted to sell this piece – so there was no debating it.

  3. It looks really great! From here it looks like new!

  4. i just discovered your blog and i love it! your buffet makeover is inspiring me to try my hands on painting again. my first furniture painting job didn't turn out well,though. :( i didn't achieve a clean smooth finish like yours. i'm curious, did you use a spray or brush to paint your buffet? any advice will be much appreciated. thank you!