Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paint, paint and more paint

How much painting did I do over my 3-day weekend? Let's just say this morning it hurt to grip my mascara. :(

The hallway doors are almost all done. Just 2 more need several more coats. Hopefully, I can finish them up tonight. After that, I'm on a leave-of-absence for painting.

When this weekend started:
What it looked like this morning:


  1. Wow, that white really brightens up the hallway! Great job!

  2. Wow, that looks awesome. i am going to do the same thing down my hallway. exact same brown doors & white trim already. did you do alot of sanding first? i am hoping i only need to lightly sand. would be nice to spray them outside with a commercial sprayer. you motivated me last weekend to paint my oak vanity & it looks awesome. lov your blog!!

  3. Thanks! The second "before" photo actually shows the doors once sanded. I just have them sanded enough to rough them on a little.

  4. I'm a first time visitor and really enjoyed your posts. Lots of great projects!