Friday, October 31, 2014

The Purge: My Dresser

I love organizing, but that love has never extended to my dresser. I think it's because I know a lost-cause when I see it. The issue is I have annoying attachments to things in there, and so items always stay – leading to drawers stuffed full of clothes that are impossible to open.

So I figured, why not start with the dresser now before the thought of organizing makes me stabby.

Drawer 1
My earring drawer was an easy place to start, because it always stays organized (thank you ice cube trays for giving me a place to put everything).

Drawers 2 & 3
These two drawers contain necklaces, rings, bracelets, "fancy" jewelry and jewelry boxes. 

I was amazing at how much I either didn't want or needed to relocate.

The items in these two drawers rarely get used, which made me question why I'm giving it two drawers. So I decided to consolidate, and give the extra drawer to my tank tops, which I use most days. (All my tank tops are waiting to be washed, so that drawer is enpty at the moment).

Drawer 4 and 5
These are my undergarments drawers. Let's just trust that I went through them.

Drawer 6
This is myAshley fail. I forgot to take a before of my workout clothes drawer. This is the drawer all my tank tops are usually in though, which freed up a lot of space – so I decided to move my sports bras here.

Drawer 7
I only wear socks on 3 occasions: 1. when I'm in bed and my feet are cold; 2. when wearing boots; 3. when it snows. Yet, here is my overflowing sock drawer.

My really gross sock drawer. I had no idea how many pilly and faded socks I owned (probably because I rarely wear them). I got rid of a bag full of socks.

Even more baffling, I had 6 pairs of hospital socks in my drawer. Apparently, I'm subconsciously keeping them as mementos from all my exciting ER visits. (And if you're counting, yes I know there's only 5 in the picture, but I found another about 30 minutes later in my PJ drawer...yeah, no idea).

I decided to keep my yellow ones, because they make me giggle. The summer after my heart diagnosis, I was hospitalized with pneumonia – I had Brent go home and pack me a bag and requested my yellow hospital socks, because the beige ones provided were ugly. Soon after, the hospital staff started freaking out when I was walking on my own. Come to find out that yellow socks is their code for fall risks. Oops.

Anyway, all 5 beige hospital socks are now with my grandma, who is rather excited about my donation. And I'm excited about my new, spacious sock drawer.

Drawers 8 & 9
This is Drawer 8, PJ pant drawer, which usually contains extra t-shirts that can't fit into Drawer 9. This leads to everything in the drawer being extra wrinkly.

And this is my overflowing t-shirt drawer.

I had t-shirts I wore when I was pregnant and t-shirts I wore when I was several sizes smaller in there – yep, time to say goodbye.

My new just PJs drawer:

My new t-shirt drawer:

I know I have a long ways to go in my purge, but just having this one thing done feels so amazing. I can't wait to do more.

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