Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas sales

As you might remember, after Christmas sales are my favorite. And while I didn't go as crazy as I normally do – I'm still super excited about my ornament purchases.

Some of my favorite ornaments are the paper mache ones from Crate & Barrel (the 12 Days of Christmas and Nutcracker series to be specific). These ornaments are beautiful and not made of glass. While Crate & Barrel isn't offering any new ones, their sister store, Land of Nod, is.

I ordered their herringbone ornaments:
And their lace stencil ornaments:

I am so excited about these! And they were both 50% off.

And to keep with tradition, I bought a Le Bien ornament at Pier 1 for also 50% off. Not sure when I'll feel brave enough to put glass ornaments back on the family tree, but it will be waiting for me when that day comes.

Happy shopping!

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