Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's getting hot in here...

Sorry, for the break – I've been grouchy (you are welcome to picture me stealing Oscar's trash can here).

What should have been a simple "freon refill for our air conditioner" visit, turned into a "you'll be lucky if your air conditioner lasts through the summer" visit. Yay. I told Brent there was no way we were taking that gamble – summers is Kansas City are 95% miserable, with 100% humidity. So Brent and I have been getting price quotes. I don't think I realized how expensive air conditioners are – ouch! I'm just glad we found all this out after we got our sectional for the man cave, or the futon would probably still be here.

The new air conditioner will be installed in 2 week.s


  1. I think we are living the same life. Ours went out about 2 weeks ago, there are numerous problems with it. We have enough freon in it right now to make it work, but it could go at any time. We are getting our new one installed on Monday. Combine that with a new roof from the hail storm and we should have a brand new house here in no time.

  2. Similar thing happened to us, but with our dishwasher. Those are quite as expensive though.