Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mate? Check! couple's shower

Aside from trying not to cough up a lung this past week - I've been planning a couple's shower.

My biggest obstacle for last night's shindig was budget – I didn't want to spend a lot of money on decorations. So I went to Hobby Lobby and spent $21 on plates, napkins, tissue paper and floral wire. Yep, that's it. Everything else I had around the house (or in the backyard), and well, I made it work.

An invitation refresher:

And here's what a graphic designer can do with a $21 decor budget:

I've been saving green wine bottles, for my mom's wine-tasting 60th birthday party in May, so I jumped on the opportunity to get to use some already. The daffodils were from my front yard, and the other flowers were from a kind neighbor who let me do a little chopping to her shrub. :)

Making labels for the food, is one of my favorite things to do. People like to know what they are eating (whether it's a vegetarian making sure they aren't eating meat or just a picky eater), it's a useful thing to have at a party. Plus, they look cute.

Then of course there were the Martha Stewart tissue paper pom-poms. They are time consuming to make, but totally worth it. Most of these were done over a bottle of wine with an awesome friend – so thankfully soberness isn't required.

The dessert station:

I wanted a way to show off pictures of the couple-of-honor without using picture frames – so, I gathered sticks from my backyard and decorated the tree.

And I had to include my favorite photo of them on the tree:
(It's from Brent's and my wedding. We paired them up as bridesmaid and groomsman, and shortly after – romance was in the air. I call this photo "The Look of Love.")

(Side note about Brent's and my wedding: They aren't the only couple now getting married. In 2 weeks, my good friend from college is marrying the woman he took as a blind date to my wedding. Warm fuzzies.)


  1. Hi. I have to throw a bridal shower for my sister in August. Can I just...hire you to do it? :)


  2. Everything looks wonderful. That's kewel about the 2 couples getting married.

    Could you purty please share your recipe for the gorgonzola cheese, nuts and cranberries ~ that looks soooo good.

    Sorry about KU's loss :(

  3. Reenie – Thanks. I was rather bummed at KU, but I'm better now, and will be cheering on Butler the rest of the way. As for the recipe, it's actually from Costco (so it's cheap, easy and super yummy)!

  4. Really? So you buy the cheese with the toppings already on it. Kewel ~ thx. :)