Sunday, November 8, 2009

Because it's never THAT easy

I had a simple plan for today – tear out the carpet on the hallway stairs. Then voila – hardwood floors to enjoy.

Here's what I didn't know, when I started this project:

- This carpet runner, is nothing but scraps. Each stair is its own piece of carpet, which equals 3 tac strips per step and at least 50 staples per stair.

- While I pulled on some carpet to make sure the wood was okay, apparently the spot I looked at was a fluke – the wood is unfinished.

- The unfinished wood is blessed with random paint spots all over it.

So you can witness the joy:

Because of the extreme amount of staples, each stair is taking about an hour to do. My hands are swollen and hurt to move – I am so done for the night. This is how far Brent and I got.

So, the new plan (which hopefully includes having this mofo done by our housewarming party on the 21st):

- Tear off the rest of the carpet and de-staple the stairs (Monday and Tuesday)

- Sand the stairs – this will help the paint situation I have going on and it will also rough up the finished paint of the stairs (Wednesday)

- Stain the stairs (Friday night)

- Paint the back of the stairs white (Sunday)

I have never stained anything before, and I have to admit that I'm slightly terrified. But I guess if it's terrible, it can always be sanded done again.


  1. Yikes! This looks strikingly similar to what we discovered when we ripped up the carpet in our house. And I understand your pain...pulling those staples and tack strips is torture! Good luck this week!

  2. YOWZA.
    Good luck with this project, Ashley!